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Teething Necklace for Mum Silver - 1
Teething Necklace for Mum - Black 1
Teething Necklace for Mum - Rainbow 1
Teething/feeding necklace Joizi
YummiNecklace Feeding Jewellery Joizi
YummiNecklace Teething Necklace Joizi
Baby Keepsake YummiNecklace Joizi
JOIZI Yummikeys Teething Jewellery
Teething Necklace for Mum - JOIZI by Yummikeys Silver
Teething Necklace for Mum by Yummikeys - Black Cord
Teething Necklace for Mum - Rainbow 2

Nursing and Teething Necklace for Mum | YummiNecklace by Yummikeys

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Stylish teething necklace designed to look beautiful on you & to be engaging for your baby 👶 Ideal distraction during feeding and teething!

Why choose a stainless steel teething necklace by Yummikeys?

  • Stainless steel is ❄️naturally cool❄️ and helps relieve teething pain
  • Babies are attracted to shiny 'non-toy' items 💎🔑✨
  • Safe as spoons - made of the same quality stainless steel as cutlery (giving baby a spoon is a well known teething trick!)
  • YummiNecklace contains no nasties - regular jewellery may contain lead, cadmium or even traces of arsenic, as well as being a choking hazard... don't let your baby play with jewellery, choose our SAFE necklace instead!
  • It's a beautiful piece and a keepsake that you can wear and enjoy forever 💖

Why is YummiNecklace by Yummikeys also a nursing necklace?

  • Perfect fiddle object for inquisitive little hands 
  • Supports breastfeeding - baby will focus on the necklace and be less easily distracted


  • Larger ring size: 4 cm diameter (1.5 in)
  • Cord length: 60 cm (23.5 in)

Rainbow cord only: The starting colours of each rainbow cord might not be identical.


"I have a feeding necklace from Yummikeys and it is the best thing I have ever bought. It looks amazing to wear and baby loves to play with it while feeding and also to chew on any other point of the day!" - Heather