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Is lockdown the best time for potty training?

Waiting for the right moment to potty train your little one?

There's no better time than lockdown!

There are some serious advantages to being stuck at home:

 Less fuss

 Spare clothes and towels always on hand

 No accidents in public 

 No searching for the toilet in public places

 No activities to get in the way of your routine!

Boy potty training

Where To Start?

1. Keep a potty in the bathroom and another one in a room you spend time in
Encourage your child to sit on it a few times a day, just getting used to it. If the potty is on a carpet, make sure the area around the potty is covered with a waterproof mat in case of any spillages.

Prepare lots of clothing changes 
Clothes should be easy to take off. Forget dungarees & onesies (for now!)

3. Cover the bed and sofa with waterproof mats
A waterproof mat will save you a lot of cleaning up and will protect your furniture. Make sure to choose a safe option, such as the PeapodMat.

Girl on bed with PeapodMat



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I WISH I’d found this sooner. I have an 8 yr old boy that still has accidents at night and sleeps in a top bunk. I did NOT want to put him back in some sort of nappy, and this is the best solution. This has now saved me completely waking up during the night.


We haven't started braving night time with no nappies yet - BUT we currently have this on the sofa so any "accidents" dont absolutely ruin it. Wow, my sofa is soft and comfy and any misshaps are sucked up without damaging the fabric. It doesn't slip (like the puppy pads we tried) and is obviously way way more environmentally friendly (Greta would be proud). No nappy nights actually seem like a less daunting prospect with this bad boy on our team. Top marks Peapod, defo recommend.

Hello EC,
We're happy to hear that PeapodMats protect your sofa, don't move and make night time potty training a less daunting prospect!
Thank you for your feedback and all the best,

Good product

Wanted to get this as son is sometimes wet at night and wanted to protect the mattress and it does

Hello Jenny,
It's great to hear that you're happy with your PeapodMat and it protects the mattress!
Thank you for your feedback and all the best,

So I ordered the large as my daughter still co-sleeps in my bed with me and she fidgets so much in the night! I received my mat last week and put it straight onto my bed. Haven’t had a wet night so far so I can’t comment on the absorption but the mat is great! Size is perfect for a fidget bum and doesn’t move in the night or make noise and the material is soft and comfy!

Hi L L,
We're happy to hear that your PeapodMat doesn't move or make a noise and it's soft and comfy!
Thank you for your feedback and all the best,

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