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How to Help with Bedwetting

1. Encourage your child to go to the toilet regularly🚽

Make sure your child goes to the toilet 4-7 times a day, including right before bedtime.

2. Try to stop using pull-ups or nappies 🙀

Your child will think that it doesn't really matter if they pee in a nappy; it doesn't feel as wet as wet pyjamas. 


3. Use a washable bed pad 🛏

Choosing the right bedwetting mats is crucial. It's best to pick an allergy friendly, washable and comfortable one, like PeapodMats, so it doesn't disturb your little one's sleep. PeapodMats stay in place without straps and don't make rustling sounds, like some other brands on the market.

4. Be prepared 📋

Good preparation is key - lots of ready bed changes, washable bed pads and pyjamas.

5. Light the way to the toilet 💡

Make sure your child can get to the toilet by themselves at night. Night time potty training can take longer if your child is scared of the dark. Night-lights in their room, and on the way to the bathroom, can help.

6. Avoid drinks before bedtime 🥛

An empty bladder should help with a drier night.

7. Find out the reason for bedwetting

8. If bedwetting is caused by an anxiety, there are ways to help them. 

9. If bedwetting is associated with autism or Down Syndrome, it might take longer to get them dry through the night. 

How To Choose A Bedding Protection? 🛏

Glad you asked! There are a few things to consider:

1. Make sure it’s safe!

Many widely available mattress protectors/waterproof pads contain PVC which is linked to many serious illnesses, including asthma. PeapodMats don't! We use TPU which is a green alternative to PVC.

2. It has to be comfortable.

PVC mattress protectors are crinkly and uncomfortable. You need something that’s pleasant and soft to sleep on, especially because many children have very sensitive skin! PeapodMats are squishy soft and contain no annoying, rustly plastic.

3. It needs to stay in place all night.

To make sure your child is comfortable, and the bed is always protected, your mattress protector need to stay put, all night long. PeapodMats have a brushed polyester base which grabs on to your sheets and won't budge, even without straps!

4. It should be absorbent.

You need a product that absorbs wee fast! The last thing you want is your little one sitting in a puddle of wee. PeapodMats safely absorb over 1 litre/6 cups of liquid. To compare: the adult bladder can hold up to 2 cups of urine at one time.

5. It should be easy to change and quick drying.

PeapodMats are very easy to look after and they dry fast! It’s as easy as looking after a terry cotton towel but with all the above benefits!

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Life saver

I cannot recommend these odd enough. Absolute life saver when trying to night train my son. Thank you.

Great item and service

Highly recommend 👌great service and peapod is amazing. Works brilliantly . An absolute must have for toddlers through to when they stop bedwetting. Definitely cheaper than replacing mattresses. Folds up small to take with you on holiday .10/10

Waste of money

I found this crumbling up during the night and also doesn't cover the bottom half of a four year old if top edge is place under the pillow. I wasn't aware this was necessary until I purchased the product this should be advised before purchase. After I placed my order I did think the largest size would be better but when I contacted Joizi they said they couldn't alter the order just refuse delivery. WELL have they not heard of Covid we don't get a choice to refuse delivery as all our parcels are left at the door! Very poor customer service and also poor item as such only tried it a couple of times and gave up on it! Would not advise to buy this product

Hi Mrs Newman,

Thank you for your review and we're sorry you feel this way.

Unfortunately we weren't able to alter your order as you got in touch with us after your order was dispatched. We always strive to assist customers as best as we can and whilst refusing delivery at the door is advised for the quickest return, we also offer a 60 day returns on unused products, as per our policy.

The sizing and usage recommendation is available on the product page on our website. We're sorry you missed it before you placed your order.

Please get in touch with us at if you require any assistance.

Kind regards,



I bought 2 of the bigger mats for the bed and this one for the car seat. Never used as not needed in car seat but brilliant to put the potty on top of it as grand child does not always gets to sit before leaking.
Easily washed and dried. Doesn’t move when on the floor.
Highly recommended and would buy again if and when needed.
Can’t praise them enough


It is absolutely brilliant.
Fits a lot of the bed. Keeps sheet dry and the Peapod mat washes and tumble dries brilliantly.
Highly recommend.
I bought 2 one for granddaughters bed at her home. This is well spent money especially with potty training.