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How To: Potty train your little girl

Ready for potty training with your little girl? Awesome! Use these simple tips to get off to a great start:

  1. 📚 Read some potty training stories and choose a 'big day' that you will begin potty training on, marking the date in a calendar. 
  2. 🌸 Get a potty and let her decorate it with stickers. Some parents find it's easier to have one potty in the bathroom and another in the living room. 
  3. 🧸 Demonstrate, with a toy, how to use the potty. Get everyone involved and have older siblings demonstrate too!
  4. 🪀 If she doesn't want to stay on the potty for long enough, distraction works best. Try reading a book or play with her favourite toys.
  5. 🧼 Buy a step so she can reach the sink to wash her hands. This is a great opportunity to teach good hand washing technique and talk about hygiene. 
  6. 🚽 If she chooses to use the toilet, it's a good idea to get a toilet training seat so she doesn't fall in. 
  7. 🧻 Teach her to wipe from front to back to avoid infections. 
  8. 🩲 Take her shopping for 'big girl underwear' and let her choose. Remember to get lots of spares in case of accidents. 
  9. ⏳ On the 'big day' remove the night time nappy in the morning and put her big girl pants on. Get her excited! Take her to the potty every 20 minutes. 
  10. 🛌 If she's going to her grandparent's house or nursery, encourage them to continue with potty training. Otherwise she'll get confused. Night time nappies are ok as it takes longer to be dry at night. You might want to put a nappy on before a trip to the shop. Remember, to explain to her that it's only for the shop and remove the nappy when you return home. 
  11. 🤗 Don't make a big deal of accidents. Quickly tidy them up and remind her that wee and poo belong in the potty. 
  12. 🌞 If summer is around the corner, you might want to wait until then as it's usually easier to potty train in warm weather. 
  13. 🥳 Praise, praise, praise! Even if only one wee made it to the potty, make a big deal out of it! You could use a sticker chart to commemorate her progress. 
  14. 💧 Protect your sofas, beds and carpets in case of accidents. PeapodMats washable bed pads stay in place with no straps and quickly absorb any accidents, so you don't have to spend hours cleaning!

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PeapodMat | Size: Medium
Debbie McNaught
Fit for purpose

This has be a great addition to supporting my father and it makes changing the bed easy as it’s only this that needs changing not the whole bed. Although a bit expensive it was worth it

An absolute godsend!

These mats are absolutely brilliant! Night time bed wetting is made so much easier and quicker as you can just remove it and pop another one one super fast, which at 2am is exactly what you need. It hasn't failed me yet, it really does stay in place too and we've been using it for a few months. I would recommend getting two, so you have a back-up one; but if it means you save time and stress at crazy o'clock then it's a winner for me!
They are super easy to wash as well - just don't use fabric softener; and it can be tumble dried too! I can't praise these mats highly enough really. Thank the lord for Peapod Mats! :)

Hello Kate,
It's great to hear that PeapodMats save you time and stress during the night time!
Thank you for your feedback and all the best,

Very absorbent, but crinkles

This mat is indeed super absorbent and helps a lot in not having to strip the whole bed if my son's night nappy leaks (which sometimes happens every night...). However, having washed and tumble dried it 7-8 times now, the sides do lift up and although the mat is quite good at staying in place on the bed, I didn't expect the sides to crinkle up after just a few washes. It does work as a very absorbent mat though, so overall happy with it.

Thank you for your review, A.G.! We're so happy to read that you love PeapodMat's absorbency and the fact that it stays in place on the bed. However, PeapodMats were design to last for over 500 washes and the sides shouldn't lift up. Please could you email us with your order details and the pictures of your PeapodMat at and we'll be happy to help.

Great product

We have a 5-year-old and the medium size works very well, even though I thought I might need a large. Great product, works very well, saves you some late night bed making.

It's great to hear that PeapodMat saves you late night bed making!
Thank you for your feedback and all the best,

5⭐ Best Parenting Purchase

5⭐ The Peapod Mat is proving to be an absolute best parenting product we own. Our 3yr old son began night toilet training around 2 months ago. On the nights he's had an accident, this has made bed changing simple, quick, and best of all doesn't allow our son to stir too much whilst I change the bed. Meaning he's back in bed and sleeping once more in minutes. Super absorbent. Easy to wash and quick drying. The gripping was something I was most dubious about, as our 3yr old is particularly fidgety in his sleep!!! However it stays in place all night 👌 Now reccomending to all my friends. Thank you Joizi. 🥰

We're delighted to hear that PeapodMat has made bed changes simple and quick!
Thank you for your feedback and recommendations,