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How To: Potty train your little boy

Ready for potty training with your little boy? Awesome! Use these simple tips to get you off to a great start:

  1. 📚 Start reading potty training books and talking about the new venture! 
  2. 🚒 Get a potty and let him put stickers on it. You might want to put one potty in the bathroom and another in the living room. 
  3. 🦸‍♂️ Get a toy, or older sibling, to demonstrate how to use a potty. 
  4. 🧸 If he's too distracted and won't sit long enough on the potty, try reading a book or playing with his favourite toys. 
  5. 🚽 If he's decided to use the toilet instead, get a toilet training seat so he won't be scared of falling in. 
  6. 🧼 Get a stool so he can reach the sink and wash his hands. Use this time to teach him about hygiene. 
  7. 🪑 It might be easier for him to sit down at first. He then might do poo at the same time!
  8. 🎯 If he's standing up, practise aiming by putting a little toilet roll ball in the potty/ toilet and ask him to aim for it. 
  9. 🩲 Take him shopping for 'big boy underwear' and let him choose his own.
  10. 📅 Set a 'big day' date to begin potty training, and look forward to it together. Make it exciting! On the 'big day' remove the night time nappy and put his 'big boy pants' on. Take him to the potty every 20 minutes. 
  11. 🛌 If he's going to nursery or grandparent's house, ask them to continue potty training. Putting a nappy on will only confuse him. The exception might be a trip to the shop. If you decided to put a nappy on, explain it's only for the shop and take it off as soon as you return home. Night time potty training takes longer so your child will still need a nappy for bedtime. 
  12. 🤗 Be calm when accidents happen. Quickly clean them up and remind him that wee and poo go in the potty. 
  13. 🥳 Praise, praise, praise! Even if only one wee or poo made it to the potty, make a big deal out of it! Children love stickers so a chart might be a good idea to track his progress.
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