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How to Make New Year Resolutions with Kids?

Help your child form new habits in 2022 with these simple New Year resolutions ideas 

For toddlers and preschoolers:

1. I will keep my bedroom clean. ✔️

2. I will tidy up my toys before bedtime. 🧸

3. I will brush my teeth every night and every morning. 🪥

4. I will learn to swim or ride a bike. 🚲

For school-age children:

1. I will try new fruits and vegetables because I know they're good for me. 🥭

2. I will read before bedtime. 📚

3. I will find a sport that I enjoy and join a club. ⚽

4. I will do my chores. ✔️

Reward charts are a great way of reinforcing a new habit! Download your free reward charts here. There are over 20 designs to choose from! 🤗

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