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Dealing with Traumatic Birth & Beyond

An interview with Grace, our Brand Ambassador. Grace is mum of two, with a twelve month gap!
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What’s been your biggest parenting challenge so far?

Grace: Having a difficult pregnancy and birth with my second. I had to be put to sleep to have him and cut from the belly button down as well as across internally. The recovery and the PTSD from the birth, being away from my eldest who wasn't even one at the time. Going to therapy and eventually antidepressants, I made it through all that and I finally feel OK.


What’s been your biggest parenting success so far?

Grace: Keeping two toddlers alive and well. They are my pride and joy, I'm so proud of myself for how amazing they are, I did good 🥰

What’s your #1 parenting product and why?

Grace: One of the best things I bought was a baby carrier (Connecta), when my son (second child) was born it was his happy place on me and I could still parent my daughter who was only 1 at the time.


Do you have a go-to parenting book / resource?

Grace: I don't but knowing what I know now I would say ALWAYS go with your gut when It comes to your babies. Trust your instinct, it's normally right.


Do you have any toilet training tips?

Grace: Watch and listen to your child, see their ques. The main thing I would say is accept the accidents. It's their way of learning how to do it right. Also children develop at different ages, my daughter was toilet trained at 22 months. My son is 29 months and definitely not ready yet, and that's OK.


When did you start sharing your journey on social media, and why?

Grace: I started my social media journey when I got pregnant with my son (second child). I had a really complicated pregnancy where I spent a lot of time in hospital with a rare condition called Placenta Acretta. I didn't really share my personal journey on that at the time but I have definitely used it since to support others who are going through something similar.


Grace's Review of PeapodMats

"It's been amazing and made bed time training so much easier. It's going to come in handy for many different reasons like when the kids get sick or when we co-sleep sometimes."

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I WISH I’d found this sooner. I have an 8 yr old boy that still has accidents at night and sleeps in a top bunk. I did NOT want to put him back in some sort of nappy, and this is the best solution. This has now saved me completely waking up during the night.


We haven't started braving night time with no nappies yet - BUT we currently have this on the sofa so any "accidents" dont absolutely ruin it. Wow, my sofa is soft and comfy and any misshaps are sucked up without damaging the fabric. It doesn't slip (like the puppy pads we tried) and is obviously way way more environmentally friendly (Greta would be proud). No nappy nights actually seem like a less daunting prospect with this bad boy on our team. Top marks Peapod, defo recommend.

Hello EC,
We're happy to hear that PeapodMats protect your sofa, don't move and make night time potty training a less daunting prospect!
Thank you for your feedback and all the best,

Good product

Wanted to get this as son is sometimes wet at night and wanted to protect the mattress and it does

Hello Jenny,
It's great to hear that you're happy with your PeapodMat and it protects the mattress!
Thank you for your feedback and all the best,

So I ordered the large as my daughter still co-sleeps in my bed with me and she fidgets so much in the night! I received my mat last week and put it straight onto my bed. Haven’t had a wet night so far so I can’t comment on the absorption but the mat is great! Size is perfect for a fidget bum and doesn’t move in the night or make noise and the material is soft and comfy!

Hi L L,
We're happy to hear that your PeapodMat doesn't move or make a noise and it's soft and comfy!
Thank you for your feedback and all the best,

Not yet been used.