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8 tips to make your house smell fresh 🌼

1. Open the windows every morning for 5-10 minutes. 🏘️

2. Put 2 tbsp of baking soda in little containers in every room. Baking soda is known for neutralising bad odours. 

3. Clean your carpets. This can be exhausting and expensive especially if you have children 👶 or pets 🐕. We've found that mixing baking soda with few drops of your favourite essential oil 🌺 and spreading it on the carpet about an hour before hoovering (the longer the better) can do the trick!

4. Empty your bins regularly🗑️. It can be tempting to wait for your bin to be full before emptying it but it can quickly become a source of a bad smell in your house! 

5. Wash your bedding and towels regularly🧺. Everyone has their own routine but if you have kids or pets sleeping with you, it's best to wash your bedding more often. Wet towels in the bathroom can quickly spread the dump smell.

6. Clean the fridge. It's important to get rid of spoiled food and spillages immediately to avoid bad smells. Once that's done, put your favourite citrus🍋 peels in the fridge and replace them weekly (our favourite is lemon or orange).

7. Use candles 🕯️ or wax melts. Once you got rid of the bad smell in your house, you can use your favourite candle or wax melt and enjoy freshness for longer! 

8. If you find that you have to clean carpets, mattresses or wash bedding more often than you want to, try using PeapodMats - washable bed pads that are 100% leakproof and will save you lots of cleaning! 💦

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298 reviews
Fantastic Product

Using this to help with night time potty training. It is very easy to change in the middle of the night in case of accidents. Fairly soft and good absorbancy.

PeapodMat | Size: Large
Marianne Stewart
Large Peapod Mat

As before, delighted with product. Excellent company to deal with, first class service!

Hello Marianne,
We're happy to hear that you're delighted with your PeapodMat and our service!
Thank you for your feedback and all the best,

PeapodMat | Size: Large
Karolyn D’Costa
2nd Mat

My oldest had one of these for potty training and its amazing. My second threw up in her bed recently so had to get a second. I use them under the fitted sheet so with any unexpected accidents the mattress stay dry.

Hello Karolyn,
It's great to hear that you're happy with your PeapodMat!
Thank you for your feedback and all the best,

Perfect item! Does exactly what it says A*

Great item, we have the bed mats and use them all the time so I purchased the chair size ones for the car seats. These are expensive but worth every penny!

Hello Sally,
We're happy to hear that you're satisfied with your PeapodMat!
Thank you for your feedback and all the best,

PeapodMat | Size: Large
Lesley Baillie
Fab idea

These stay put no matter how much you wriggle, ideal for travel sickness as well as in the bed. Only drawback is that they’re not to be put in the tumble dryer. But as I bought these to help the environment by not using plastic, this suits me.

Hello Lesley,
It's great to hear that PeapodMat stays in place and is ideal for travel sickness. Please be advised that it's perfectly fine to use a tumble-dryer for PeapodMat as they have been designed to be as easy to look after as possible.
Thank you for your feedback and all the best,